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Alessandro Abis is a sole owner company, registered with the Cagliari register of Commercial Companies under the number 03600030922, having its headquartier offices in via Canalis 9 09134, Cagliari and cars pick-up point in Selargius, loc. Su Coddu.. but hereinafter we will call the company Follow the Sun Sardinia which represents much better the spirit of the company.

The present Rental Terms and Conditions (‘T&Cs’), together with the Rental Agreement, forms the Contract, which regulates the relation between the Company and the person who signs in the Rental Agreement, (hereinafter the Driver or the Hirer).


1 - To whom do the rental terms and conditions apply?

This T&Cs will apply to the person who undersign the Rental Agreement and defined therein in the field “Driver 01/Hirer”, and to any (other) driver who is expressly indicated in the Rental Agreement and therefore being authorised to drive the Vehicle. If the Driver allows an unauthorized person to drive the Vehicle then this is considered as a breach of the T&Cs and he will be held responsible for any consequences that may arise as a result included the possibility to responding before Follow the Sun Sardinia for the damages caused by him and/or an unauthorized person. In such circumstances neither the Driver nor the unauthorized driver will be covered by any insurance.


2 - To rent and to drive

Who can rent?

Any physical person who is legally capable of entering into an agreement with Follow the Sun Sardinia and is prepared to accept responsibility for the Vehicle throughout the Hire Period; who has the means that will be accepted by the company to pay for the hire of the Vehicle, any eventual prorogation and any associated costs; in particular are means of payment accepted: cash (up to 999,99 €) and credit cards (Issued exclusively by banks, no Poste pay, no Revolving). A credit card is anyway required for the deposit. Who rent has to provide a valid identification document such asthe Passport or the national ID card (only for EU citizens). All the documents must be valid at the date of the rental and readable.

Who can drive?

An authorized Driver of a Vehicle will be any physical person expressly mentioned and fully identified on the Rental Agreement who holds a valid driver license and identification document, having a minimum age of 24 years and holding the driving license for minimum one year. Additional Young Driver fees for the persons having an age between 19 and 24 years old


3 - Where can the vehicle be driven?

Our cars can only be driven in Sardinia. Follow the Sun Sardinia reserves its right, following a specific request, to authorise the drive of the Vehicle, subject to limitations, out of the Sardinian border. Please be aware that written authorization has to be granted and

driver must know and comply with local traffic road regulations.


4 - What type of vehicle can be rented and for what purpose?

Follow the Sun Sardinia rents cars either with or without camping equipment and theVehicle must be driven in accordance with its intended use as resulting on the Vehicle registration certificate.


5 - The rental agreement

The Rental Agreement is the contractual document which summarise the Driver details, the particular terms and conditions applicable to the Rental, included the characteristics of the rented Vehicle, the rented camping equipment, the state of use at the moment of the rental, the period and the places in which the rental starts and ends, the services and the accessories included and the applicable economic conditions. The Rental Agreement shall be signed by the Driver in order to rent a vehicle with our company. By signing the Rental Agreement the Driver expressly accept the application of this T&Cs to the rental.

The Rental Agreement, on A4 papers, shows the following information:

a) Personal Data: personal data of the Driver (and of the additional drivers), also for the purposes of billing;

b) Vehicle, Equipment and Rental Data: identifies date, time and place in which your rental begins and ends, the model, plate number and other information concerning the rented vehicle and the Camping Equipment;

c) Total Cost of the Rental: includes the amount of the rental, on request extra accessories (see availability at point 9), specification on eventual down payment and the means of payment used. It doesn’t include possible additional charges applicable during, at the end or after the rental, caused by misconduct of the Driver (as described at point 10);

d) Deposit Credit Card Data: shows the information about the Credit Card used as deposit guarantee.

e) declaration of having received and having accepted this T&Cs, that shall be signed by the Driver pursuant to articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code as applicable;

f) consent on Personal Data Treatment: requiring the Driver consent for personal data treatment which shall/may be granted and signed by him;

g) Vehicle Check Sheet: (with graphic representation) which provides the information concerning the state of use of the Vehicle at the moment of its rental and that shall be undersigned in sign of full confirmation and acceptance;

h) Equipment Check Sheet: (with graphic representation) which provides the list and the information concerning the state of use of the Camping Equipment at the moment of its rental and that shall be undersigned in sign of full confirmation and acceptance;

i) Return Check Sheet: provides

- information concerning the state of use of the Vehicle and of the Camping Equipment at the moment in which it is returned, in order to show eventual loss or new damages;

- box for the check of the level of the fuel;

- a statement released by the Driver concerning eventual accidents occurred during the rental;

Sheets at point g,h,i shall be filled by the Follow the Sun Sardinia person and undersigned by the Driver in signs of acceptance.


6 – Drivers obligations toward the vehicle and the equipment

Provide exact information concerning name, age, domicile address and the possess of the requirements provided by the law and this T&Cs as to be authorised to drive.

Return to the rental station as provided within the Rental Agreement: the Vehicle and its keys, accessories and documentation as specified on the Rental Agreement, within the expiry date and hours showed in the Rental Agreement (Follow the Sun Sardinia allows a 30 minutes tolerance period). In case of failure to return the Vehicle as stipulated here above, then Follow the Sun Sardinia will charge the Driver: (i) with an extra renting day and for any day that the Driver kept the Vehicle beyond the expiry date safe that Follow the Sun Sardinia may acknowledge the expiry of the agreed date and hours, or, in any case declare the termination of the rental, pursuant to and by effect of article 1456 Italian Civil Code, due to Driver’s serious breach and, in both cases, reacquire the possess of the Vehicle in any manner, also against Driver’s will and he will be held liable for the compensation of any expenses occurred by Follow the Sun Sardinia, and for all the disbursement occurred and that will occur arising from the non restitution of the Vehicle; (ii) for any repair costs up to the value of the damage excess (deductible) that the Driver agreed at the start of the Hire Period, as described in the Rental Agreement.

The Driver must never drive the Vehicle outside Sardinia. If Driver is driving the Vehicle outside of Sardinia then he must obtain Follow the Sun Sardinia prior written consent. Moreover, the Driver should ascertain that the Vehicle has the correct equipment to comply with the local driving regulations of the country he will be driving in or through. Driver must drive the Vehicle in accordance with all applicable road traffic laws and regulations and should ensure to be familiar with all relevant local driving regulations.

The Driver must ensure that any luggage or goods transported in the Vehicle are secured to the extent will not cause damage to the Vehicle or cause risk to any passengers.

The Driver must guard the Vehicle with the best care, and in any case make sure that is locked when it is parked or left unattended.

The Driver must never drive the Vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, narcotics, barbiturates, other illegal drugs or any other substance (whether legal or illegal) that is liable to impair either his driving ability.

The Driver must refill the vehicle with the appropriate type of fuel. If unsuitable fuel should be added, he will be responsible for any expenses incurred by the transfer of the Vehicle and/or repair of the damage caused to it calculated according to the rules described in the section below (Damage to the Vehicle).

The Driver may not use the Vehicle nor allow the Vehicle to be used:

- for rehire, mortgage, pawn, sell or in any way pledge not only the Vehicle or any part of the same but, the Rental Agreement, the keys, the documentations, the equipment, the tools and/or any of its accessories;

- for carrying passengers for hire or reward;

- to carry a number of persons in excess of that mentioned on the Vehicle’s registration certificate;

- for carrying inflammable and/or dangerous merchandise, toxic, harmful and/or radioactive products or those that infringe current legal provisions, as well as the transport of merchandise with a weight, quantity and/or volume in excess of what is authorised in the vehicle’s Traffic Circulation Permit and/or Technical Inspection Sheet;

- for racing, off-roading, reliability trials, speed testing or to take part in rallies, contests, or trials, wherever they are located, official or not;

- for transporting live animals (with the exception of pets only with written authorization from Follow the Sun Sardinia and providing that the Vehicle returns clean as predicted in this T&C ),

- to give driving lessons, accompanied driving

- to push or tow another vehicle or trailer,

- on gravel roads or roads that are unfit for motor vehicles or where the surface or condition of it involves risks for the tyres or for the underside of the Vehicle, or for the Vehicle itself, such as beaches, unsuitable roads, forest paths, etc., which are not authorised and paved roads,

- to commit an intentional offence.

The Driver is required to perform customary inspections as to the Vehicle condition such as oil and water level, tyre pressure.

The Driver must take any protective actions necessary to keep the Vehicle in good working order.

Smoking in the Vehicle is strictly forbidden.

The Driver will be liable to Follow the Sun Sardinia for any detrimental consequence arising out of any infringement to the above mentioned obligations. Likewise Follow the Sun Sardinia reserves the right to declare terminated the rental, pursuant to and by the effect of article 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, and to demand immediate return of the Vehicle, without prior notice, or to reacquire the possess of the Vehicle in any manner, also against the Driver’s will.


7 – Equipment, accessories and services included in the rental fee

Technical assistance to the Vehicle

Right to return the Vehicle in the same town

Cleaning of the Vehicle

Automobile Third party liability

Unlimited mileage

Reflective jacket

Snow chains according to the traffic regulations



8 – Camping Equipment included in the “Camping Car” rental fee

Rooftop Tent for two people with Linens

Portable Gas Stove




Sink and Shower plus 30L water tank


Inside Bed Kit for two people (where provided)


9 - Equipment, accessories and services not included in the rental fee

Baby seat

Add driver

One way

Add rental days

Pick up and return out of hours



Young Driver Option

Prices available in the Tariff Guide Follow the Sun Sardinia (see number 13)

The Driver expressly allows Follow the Sun Sardinia to charge his means of payment for any unpaid amount related to the rental.


10 - Eventual other fees/charges

The Deposit: Follow the Sun Sardinia asks for a security for it’s asset, in the form of a financial deposit. The deposit amount is 999,99 Euros.

Follow the Sun Sardinia may also charge the Driver for various events relating to incidents that may have occurred during the Hire Period and/or how the Driver used the Vehicle. Such charges and fees include without limitation:

- Administration fees for handling fines or tolls. In case of breach of the duty provided under article 6 above, to respect all the laws and regulation governing the circulation of the vehicles, as proved by service/communication to Follow the Sun Sardinia of the report for an administrative sanction from the competent Authorities (such as Police, Entities governing the expressway; port authorities, Carabinieri etcetera) the Driver shall pay in favour of Follow the Sun Sardinia an administration fee, payable in addition to the fine or toll to which it relates, the amount of which is provided in the Tariff Guide at point 13, and the Driver is fully liable to pay such fines or tolls.

- Cleaning fees for a Vehicle returned in an unacceptable (more than the contractual use or in case of smoking inside) and/or dirty state

- Charges for lost or stolen keys or stolen remote control

- Charges concerning the administrative costs for the management of the damages cases, theft cases, also in case of partial theft or fire events, and the amount of the damages suffered by Follow the Sun Sardinia for which you can be considered liable under the law

- All the fuel used during the Hire Period

- Any additional fees and charges that are linked to other events which take place during the rental.


11 - How my personal data are treated?

privacy statement pursuant to article 13 of legislative decree no. 169/2003 of the Italian Civil Code


12 - Insurance

Follow the Sun Sardinia only gives a basic RC insurance for the Vehicle and for the transported people, so no additional options as a full risk insurance can be requested in order to prevent any bad behavior or misconduct by the Driver who is asked to be respectful of the Vehicle and of the all Camping Equipment that he is renting.


13 - Tariff Guide

Baby seat: 25 € per Day

Add driver: 10 € per Day

One way: tariffs are calculated according to the distance from the Main Pick-up Point

Add rental days: tariffs are calculated according to the Pricelist

Pick up and return out of opening hours (9 AM to 6 PM): 30 €

SAT NAV: 20 € per Day

WIFI: 18 € per Day

Young Driver Option: 20 € per Day

Administration fee for handling fines or tolls (in addition to the fine or toll to which it relates): 80 €

Cleaning fees for a Vehicle returned in an unacceptable (more than the contractual use or in case of smoking inside) and/or dirty state: 180 €

Lost or stolen keys or stolen remote control: 200 € to 400 €

Fuel Tank unfilled: 40 € plus the missing fuel

Any additional fees and charges that are linked to other events which take place during the rental (ex. concerning the administrative costs for the management of the damages cases, theft cases, partial theft or fire events) will be evaluated in each case.