The first article of this blog is dedicated to thank you all the people who collaborated with me to give birth to Follow the Sun Sardinia: good friends from Sardinia and good friends from everywhere in the world who gave me ideas, feedbacks and helped me within equipping the cars, creating the beautiful logo and more..

Follow the Sun Sardinia is a project within the touristic market whose mission is to give its customers a different and innovative experience in traveling and make them feel as they were visiting friends here.

We offer  “Camping Cars” rental service. The Camping Cars are effectively cars equipped for camping with which we also organize ”Expeditions”, adventurous guided trips to discover the most breathtaking and less known areas of Sardinia, during 2 to 7 days. The cars are fully equipped with a comfortable double rooftop tent with a real mattress, pillows, sheets and blanket; this kit also includes a portable gas stove, chairs, table, kitchenware, portable cooler, sink and shower. The cars are available for 2 or 4 people (which are suitable for family with kids) they are MPV cars and are built to have the same rooftop tent plus a double bed inside.

Follow the Sun Sardinia was created by a Sardinian engineer that after many years of travel experience and knowledge of his own land, chose to dedicate his baggage of experience to work in the touristic industry, particularly independent and sustainable tourism.  From here comes the idea to equip a vehicle to make it more versatile than a campervan or a normal car, ideal for whom wants to explore autonomously and freely a land like Sardinia, where the weather is mild, demography is low, nature is wild, the sea is breathtaking, there is lots of archaeology, culture and traditions are unique and it’s possible to practice all outdoor activities. The Camping Cars can be easily driven on panoramic roads overhanging by the coast, more internal roads and the very tiny streets in lost towns within the island, where you can taste food and wines made locally, appreciate artisanal hand made products such carpets and ceramics, sustaining local economy.