Here are some samples of the activities you can enjoy in Sardinia, with a guide or exploring the island by yourself. Experience nature, protect the planet!


Some are sighted some are not, some are just one hour walk some are one week trekking. All of them come with breathtaking views of the sea and/or the inland wilderness wonders, scents of nature and local wildlife.



Even if you prefere to ride on a paved or dirt road Sardinia offers you plenty of cycling opportunities: curve and winding roads or wild and remote single traks are waiting for you troughout the island.



Every view is picture perfect! As the less crowded part of Italy and without any air pollution, Sardinia offers the perfect backdrop for your shots! Mostly naturalistic photography, but also ancient small towns, mining archeology, traditional festivals.


Plenty of white limestone and granite huge walls and cliffs make Sardinia one of the best and easiest to explore climbers paradise. wet or dry canyons are waiting for you to abseil them and via ferrata provide spectacular inland or sea views.



Sardinia has 1849 Km of coastline, wonderful small archipelagos, rocky or sandy beacher where stop, calm inland lakes, small rivers; you probably can't ask for a better kayaking location!



Within about 150000 inhabitants Cagliari is the most populated town and offers you hospitality, ancient history and architecture. Everywhere else in Sardinia is more about charming small villages, influenced by different mediterranean cultures.


Some surf spots are still secret..  search for them travelling on the road or choose to ride the famous Capo Mannu or Chia waves. Look for the best wind conditions for windsurf and kitesurf at Chia or Porto Pollo.



Stunning beaches are everywhere in Sardinia. Choice is wide, choose them the way you like better: overcrowded and packed with nightlife or remote and deserted.



Last griffon vultures glide over the wild northwest cliffs over a stunning sea and flamingoes fly over the city of Cagliari looking for their favourite food in the old salt basins just behind the beach and nesting in the Molentargius Park lagoon.


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