Hiking - Trekking - Surf - Stand Up Paddle



This 2019 brand new section makes our horizon wider, as first destination we have choosen the stunning caribbean area. Come join us on an adventurous trip across the Dominican Republlic, sea is beautiful down there and inland hides plenty of treasures: amazing waterfalls, deep caves, prehistoric iguanas, ancient spanish colonial towns and more….


Choose one of our unforgettable full day adventures! join us hiking, surfing or stand up paddling, be surrounded the best sea in the world and merge with the unspoiled nature. Walk in an old underground mine tunnel or visit an old miners' village and taste for yourself the old times' lifestyle and culture.


Outdoor Expeditions are authentic “on the road” trips mainly focused on discovering nature, local culture and traditions; participants will be pulled into an emotional, memorable journey across Sardinia. All you have to do is drive your Equipped Camping Car while following the Expeditions' leader on scenic roads by the breathtaking crystal sea and across the spectacular Sardinian inland.